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Taking Your Cooking Craft to New Heights

The better you get at the craft of cooking – the more you realize how every little detail can have an impact. Whether you want that impact to be significant or nuanced, you need to choose wisely. Lucky for you, Northern Fire Grilling & BBQ Supply has competition-grade charcoal, pellets, and wood chunks to elevate the flavors of your cook to new heights.

Wood Chunks

The perfect choice for larger meat cuts or long cooks, wood chunks & splits are an essential tool for any smoker. Wood chunks add the perfect smoke flavor to meat for a longer period of time, and the variety of wood types available means you can experiment even more. Our experts can help you determine the right type and amount of wood to get the most out of your cook.


Boost flavor with our huge selection of grilling and smoking pellets — the secret weapon for getting the most out of your meats. Clean burning and easy to use, pellets are used by beginners and masters alike (and we can show you why)!


Ah, good ol’ charcoal — part of everyone’s grilling history (and for good reason). Just because grilling technology is always advancing, doesn’t mean you need to abandon the classics. The right charcoal can provide a more consistent cook, add great taste, and leave less mess behind than other grilling fuels.