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Spicy Hawg Sauce starts with that classic Hawg Sauce flavor – thick and smooth with just the right combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy – and then we add just a little more heat. It’s hot enough to feel it, but delicious enough to add one more pour. The kind of heat that builds on you, not the kind of heat that kicks you in the face. Most barbecue sauces either fall on either the thick, sweet, ketchup-based or thin, spicy, vinegar-based ends of the spectrum. McMasters’ Hawg Sauce sits happily in the middle. Thick enough to pour on your sandwich and not worry about it all dripping right through, but still with tangy, lightly spicy notes that give it a unique flavor profile that just doesn’t really exist on most grocery shelves. Great on pork, chicken, beef, ribs, burgers, hot dogs…it’s truly the everything barbecue sauce, enhancing the flavor of…well, just about everything.