Classic 8″ Artisan Butcher Knife



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With its bold profile and wide tip, this WÜSTHOF butcher knife tackles the toughest home-butchering jobs with safety and efficiency. More versatile than your typical butcher’s knife, this razor-sharp knife is ideal for carving, trimming, skinning, portioning, and slicing meat. It’s also hefty enough to break down large fruit and vegetables.

Classic 8” Butcher Knife Features

  • Versatile 8” length with a wider girth at end of the blade allowing for efficient work in breaking down cuts, trimming meats, slicing and chopping
  • Hollow ground edge to reduce drag and prevent food from sticking to the blade
  • Pronounced “belly,” resulting in smoother and more comfortable “rocking,” providing versatile use of full blade including precise cuts and slices
  • Full-bolster triple-rivet handle design adds weight and heft
  • Oversized triple-rivet handle provides comfort and a solid grip for hearty tasks


Length 4.5 in
Material Resilient Synthetic Handle, Riveted
SKU 1040107120
Method Forged
Rockwell hardness 58 HRC
Length 8 in
Width 1.9 in
Good For
Fruit, Meat, Vegetables
Type Butcher knife
Series Classic