I recently moved here from Texas, and in my search for some Texas Rib Candy sauce, I found it online, but for about $9 a bottle more than what I paid for it in Texas. Plus I’d have to wait. And I’m fat, and want to have it now to fire up the smoker since it’s getting nice out. I found Northern Fire, they were listed as the closest distributor to me. They’re about 35/40 minutes away. But I’m new-ish here, and we felt like exploring, so we made the drive. They were super friendly, had what I wanted plus a HUGE selection of rubs, spices, and sauces. They have a good selection of meats both frozen and ready to go. They made sure we were attended to without hovering, and made sure any questions I had were answered. They have grill accessories for days, and a nice selection of grills and fire pits. They have a great selection of wood and pellets, as well. I’ll definitely make that drive again to shop there and support a local business over a big chain store. I’ve found my local-ish BBQ store!