Seriously, this is the only place in town to go for your BBQ needs. Great selection of smokers, grills, and all sorts of rubs, sauces and accessories. However, you need to check out the fridge and freezer, the offerings are incredible. Brisket, pichana, tri-tip, ribs, shoulders, steaks and so much more here. It’s a 1 stop shop.

I Johnson

I recently moved here from Texas, and in my search for some Texas Rib Candy sauce, I found it online, but for about $9 a bottle more than what I paid for it in Texas. Plus I’d have to wait. And I’m fat, and want to have it now to fire up the smoker since it’s getting nice out. I found Northern Fire, they were listed as the closest distributor to me. They’re about 35/40 minutes away. But I’m new-ish here, and we felt like exploring, so we made the drive. They were super friendly, had what I wanted plus a HUGE selection of rubs, spices, and sauces. They have a good selection of meats both frozen and ready to go. They made sure we were attended to without hovering, and made sure any questions I had were answered. They have grill accessories for days, and a nice selection of grills and fire pits. They have a great selection of wood and pellets, as well. I’ll definitely make that drive again to shop there and support a local business over a big chain store. I’ve found my local-ish BBQ store!

D Hickman

Never knew of this shop until I had a pork shoulder on the grill in a Saturday @ 8:30am and my temp probes took a dump. Googled BBQ supply in the area and these guys popped up, 10 minutes from me. They got me set up with a sweet ThermPro 2 probe system (I can now be 1.5 miles from home and still know the status of my smoker 👍🏼) that was much superior to the one I had. Of course I paid a superior price, but extremely happy with the service and how quick I was in and out. Thanks!

Joe D