Members: Justin, Mike, Shawn, Brandon, and Nick


About Us: we are a group of high school and college friends that were looking for a reason to get together more frequently.  A couple of church rib burns later, we found our new hobby obsession.  We live in a near constant state of chaos. If you hear shouting over some speed metal or Dee Snyder’s House of Hair, it’s business as usual. Stop by and introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you


Competing since: 2017


Career Highlights:

2 calls, 8th place overall at The Jack – Shade Tree division 2018

Reserve Grand Champion Overall, Back yard MN TOY 2018

Reserve Grand Champion, 2019 Minnesota In May Backyard

3rd Place overall, Back yard MN TOY 2019

Grand Champion, 2020 Minnesota In May Backyard

Minnesota Team Of the Year 2020 – Backyard


2021 Goals: 

  • Help recruit the next class of backyard teams and continue to show the world how much fun competitive BBQ can be
  • Explore the Pro side of the circuit and try our hand at all 4 meats at once

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